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April 4, 2023

Grand arising 🌞, my friends!I just wrapped speaking at 🌴✨🙏 in Palm Springs! Helping other online business owners make more money organically while living life (hustle culture is great for bros, not us 😅).So hey ✨ let's get to know each other ...I'm Jennifer. Aka JP.20 years ago my dear friend took me to a where I signed up with an MLM to sell scrapbooking supplies.I used email marketing to let my customers know which classes I was teaching next and how to buy my products.I started learning more about marketing so I could promote my own business and reach the people who most wanted what I had.I started my first blog, got on social media, and opened an Etsy shop.Peers started asking for help since I seemed to know what I was doing (and I was getting results ✨💵💰)My first "client" hired me as their social media manager and influencer program lead.During those years, I learned A LOT.I tried A LOT.I failed A LOT.In 2013/2014 I hit BURN OUT. Closed Etsy. Had a crisis of personality.But I drove on and I drove on HARD. Hustle culture, I bought ALL IN.I started working with bigger and bigger brands as clients.I started a new blog and wanted to make money as a blogger.I worked both my creative business (blogging, crafting, teaching) and my consulting business (managing social media, influencers, and content creation for brands + teaching marketing online to others + speaking on stages at conferences).In 2019, I achieved a huge goal and dream: speaking on stage at 's Social Media Marketing World.This marked a huge pivotal moment in my career and life.Within that week, I told my husband I wanted a divorce and I got so sick I ended up in the ER.My life had to change.Higher Power put a coach in my life (in the same week!) and I agreed to start THE WORK.I didn't change everything. I didn't change ME.The coach helped me start creating the conditions where the real authentic ME could appear and flourish.Fast-forward 4 years and I'm living what I describe as an idyllic life. I want that for everyone who wants it.You in? (Continued in comment
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