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Do it Yourself 👍
image  1 THIS is what I think of when people ask me “how are you doing it all
April 5, 2023

THIS is what I think of when people ask me “how are you doing it all?!” — the answer is that I’m not! Being candid, I’ve actually not been at my best for weeks...months... basically since before November 18th, 2021??... I barely know up from down anymore. But these faces are not only the picture of what I can never be on my own, but they’ve also stood by me at my worst. They’re smart, empathetic, stubborn, creative, brazen, uplifting, and most of all, they’ve been worth the fight. We’re not perfect, but we’re getting the hang of our collective individual strengths and weaknesses.It’s been a HUGE learning curve to see the dream of come to life after promising my Mom that I would do my best to see it through before she passed. Not to mention the added behind the scenes heartbreak from lost loved ones, small business hurdles, and personal failings. And yet even on my worst days, they have been willing to stick it out so we can better learn each others in’s and out’s to aim for the long haul vision. I love you all more than than you know and Thank you for believing in someone who doesn’t always believe in herself🤍🤍
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