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image  1 Lighting deep dive, part two
April 12, 2023

Lighting deep dive, part two! 💡1️⃣ These flea market crystal pendants needed some re-wiring before being turned into dramatic bathroom sconces! Swipe for a sparkly close-up ✨2️⃣ I loved the dramatic, elongated look of these sconces for this bathroom wall that had lots of space to fill!3️⃣ I’ve been eyeing this chandelier for years. The floral detailing is stunning 👌🏻4️⃣ I saw these sconces at the flea market and left them behind. Spent an entire month regretting that before returning to find them miraculously still there. VICTORY!5️⃣ Paired these find vintage wicker shades from London with plug in light cords to once again, keep drawing the eye up to our wood ceilings!Faves!?
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