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image  1 Kelly Mindell - I realized I’ve never talked about this here so I’d love to for a minute
September 21, 2022

I realized I’ve never talked about this here so I’d love to for a minute! Last year, I was finally diagnosed with ADHD! It has been THE most eye opening diagnosis for me because it made every single thing in my life make sense. Feels like both my super power and my Everest that I try to climb (and currently generally fall from) every day.It explained why I struggle to run the business side of my business, do daily chores and why I forget, lose or leave most things unfinished. But also why I’m able to create an entire costume from scratch in 24 hours sometimes or search the depths of the earth for the perfect rug which just so happen to be beneficial in my line of work lol!I think like a lot of people (especially those who identify as women), I never knew why any of those things were my reality because ADHD is most often depicted as hyperactive boys who do “bad” in school or can’t sit still. And that wasn’t me.But becoming a parent meant my unhealthy coping techniques were no longer sustainable and I needed answers. So I finally got them! I’d love to hear from anyone who has ADHD who may have advice, tips or “coping” strategies for... managing daily life? 😅 I’ve tried four different ADHD/anxiety meds but because of all my medical issues, my body hasn’t been able to handle them. It’s been very discouraging but I’m determined now to find other strategies that help.I guess that’s quite a broad question but gotta start somewhere right? And I hope that maybe some of what’s shared here will be helpful for others struggling too! I feel like I have so much to learn now. ❤️
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