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image  1 Joy Cho / Oh Joy! - The best Christmas gift…my parents said goodbye to almost 40 years in the Thai r
December 31, 2022

The best Christmas parents said goodbye to almost 40 years in the Thai restaurant business and retired! Opening their first restaurant in 1983 while working other full-time jobs, they slowly grew from having one to eventually four Thai restaurants in the Philadelphia area. My brother and I grew up in these restaurants...folding napkins, waiting tables, seating guests, answering the phones and taking to-go’s the end of an era for our family.My parents taught me what it means to create something from nothing, and I couldn’t be more proud of them. I’m even more thrilled that they will no longer be working 70 hours per week and will take a break from the grind of restaurant life. Don’t worry Dad has already applied for a part-time job at Wawa 🤣.When you support a small mom and pop immigrant-owned business, you’re also supporting the American dream. Thank you to everyone who has ever dined at Siam Cuisine in the Philly area. You’ll forever be part of our family’s history. 🇹🇭💕
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