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image  1 Joy Cho / Oh Joy! - I’m taking a solo trip to New York City
October 20, 2022

I’m taking a solo trip to New York City! After sharing my creative ebbs and flows with you all last week, I received so much encouragement (thank you) to go do something out of my everyday. And, some real life friends reached out to nudge me to take a trip (you know who you are), so I decided to just do it and trust that everyone would be fine at home without me for a few days. 🤣 I’m jetting away for a long weekend to one of my favorites cities and former home for a long weekend soon!I started my career in New York and have such fond memories of my early 20s there. I’m excited to go back (last time was in 2019) and do lots of exploring, window shopping, and of course, eating alllll the things.Please share your faves with me (in Manhattan or Brooklyn) for restaurants, shops, art, and general joy! Thank you!📷 ✨
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