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image  1 Happy New Year, friends
January 6, 2023

Happy New Year, friends! Since there’s a lot of new followers on here I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. 👋I currently live in Black Mountain, NC with my partner, Kevin, our 4 year old, June, and our foxhound, Daisy. Almost 2 years ago we packed up our car and drove east after spending nearly 6 years in Los Angeles. Black Mountain is the town I spent my summers growing up, where I interned with an artist in college, and where I have so many fond childhood memories. I feel so lucky to now call this tiny mountain town our home.I’m Cuban 🇨🇺and I grew up in Miami 🌴! I attended FSU, where I rode on the equestrian team, and got a BFA in graphic design. And after graduating I taught high school graphic design. I still LOVE drawing with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator and am a big font nerd. In while in college and later while teaching, I would screen print fabric and sew tote bags and sell them online (before Etsy) and at indie craft fairs. I later focused on designing custom wedding stationery for a few years and eventually started blogging. In 2012 I left my job (at the time working at the Apple store) to blog full time.In 2020 I launched my own mini fabric collection and woven labels after getting super into garment sewing while I was pregnant with June. Garment sewing feels like one of the most rewarding DIY projects I can do for myself. And it’s funny how things always come full circle isn’t it? I almost minored in fashion and I launched “Sarah Hearts” while in college sewing tote bags from vintage fabrics while sharing inspiration and color palettes online.Oh and I’ve been illustrating free monthly wallpaper downloads on my blog every month for the past 11 years.Anything else you’d like to know? I’m pretty much an open book!Thanks so much for following me and I hope the things I share on here inspire you to make something beautiful today! 💕P.S. my coat is the #araquiltedovercoat and top is from Sew it Yourself book.#sarahheartssews #isewmyownclothes #millenialsewing #babylockambassador
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