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February 5, 2023

Do you remember some of these amazing collabs I’ve done? The biggest myth about successful creatives or those who seem to have the best partnerships and clients, is that the work just lands in their lap! I’ve had that assumption made about my work, and it’s not true.So many of the partnerships I’ve had (especially product collabs) are ones that I have gone after and pitched! I learned early on from my very first job out of college, you have to go after what you want and show people what you can do! That’s where a pitch comes in, and why I’m so excited for my new class that shows YOU how I do it!The class is less than 45 minutes long with eleven short and easy-to-watch lessons that take you from brainstorming your own brand and your aesthetic to building a digital AND physical pitch to reach out to your dream clients. We already have over 800 students, and I love seeing everyone’s progress!👀 link in profile for your first month on Skillshare free to watch my class (and tons of others).📷 credits:1 #OhJoyForTarget2 #OhJoyToTheRescue Band-Aid3 #OhJoyForPetco4 Oh Joy x Keds
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